• Space-time analysis of the dengue spreading dynamics in the 2004 Tartagal outbreak, Northern Argentina

    Extract of Acta tropica, (2007, vol. 103, no1, pp. 1-13 )
    ROTELA Camilo ; FOUQUE Florence ; LAMFRI Mario (1) ; SABATIER Phillipe ; INTROINI Virginia ; ZAIDENBERG Mario ; SCAVUZZO Carlos (1) ;
    The spreading dynamic of the 2004 dengue fever outbreak that occurred in Tartagal, Northwestern Argentina, was investigated. A total of 487 suspected dengue cases were recorded and geo-referenced. Maps of daily cases were generated for the 109 days of the outbreak. The epidemic affected (...)

    Published: 2008/08/18
  • Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) study area

    Incidence and distribution of Dengue has recorded a gradual increase in the South America, generating the need to implement early warning systems efficient and detailed.
    In the MATE project, the main aims is to use satellite imagery high spatial resolution, to create products for the epidemiological surveillance of dengue, and one of the study area is the city of Puerto Iguazu , Argentina (25 ° 36’S - 54 ° 35’O).
    Puerto Iguazú has a "Humid Subtropical" climate (Cfa according to (...)

    Published: 2008/09/16
  • Tartagal study area

    Tartagal Site of the study
    The city of Tartagal is located at the base of the Argentinean
    sub-Andean hills (22◦32-S, 63◦49-W, 450m
    above sea level) at 450m above sea level, in the Salta
    province (Fig. 1).
    The city is distant of 365 km from
    the city of Salta, capital of the province, and of 55 km
    from the Bolivian border. Tartagal’s urban area covers
    approximately 15 km2, with 60585 inhabitants, including
    several ethnic groups such as native Amerindians
    (Instituto Nacional de (...)

    Published: 2008/08/13
  • Space and MATE project

    The emergence of dengue as a major public health problem has been dramatic in the American region.
    In Argentina, the first Dengue Epidemic was recorded between February and March 1916. During 70 years the country was free of Dengue until April 1997 when DEN-2 cases were detected at Oran, Salvador Maza, Guermes and Tartagal cities.
    In 1998, and during 2002, epidemic took place in Salta, Misione and Formosa provinces. In this context, the National Health Minister and CONAE have established (...)

    Published: 2008/05/21
  • What is MATE project ?

    The project name “MATE” (Monitoreo Argentino en Tele-Epidemiología) recalls a kind of herb tea which is very popular in Argentina. The MATE Project is supported by the CNES, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CONAE, and the Argentine Ministry of Health. Its goal for 2007 is to have the future human health user community (hospitals, vector control services, social welfare services) participate in the deployment of an operational network to control and predict the prevalence of dengue (...)

    Published: 2008/05/21