• Project first phase outcome

    Vibrio Sea Project was initiated 18 months ago. During this period very important results were achieved thanks to the implication of partners into the collaborative work.
    The major part of the first project phase was performing sampling campaigns. They were done on regular basis and closely followed the initial requirements. As the result, the network of sampling sites is now fully operational. Scientists measured a range of environmental parameters as well as vibrio concentration in (...)

    Published: 2008/01/23
  • What is Vibrio diseases ?

    Vibrios are gram-negative, curved, rod-shaped bacteria that are natural inhabitants of the marine environment and estuarine waters. Pathogenic vibrios cause 3 major syndromes of clinical illness : gastroenteritis, wound infections, and septicemia.

    Published: 2007/10/16
  • Geographic distribution of Cholera

    Cholera was originally endemic to the Indian subcontinent, with the Ganges River likely serving as a contamination reservoir. During 2004, 101, 383 cases of cholera caused by Vibrio cholerae were reported from all regions of the world.

    Published: 2007/11/30
  • Where is Vibrio diseases ?

    Vibrio parahaemolyticus, V. cholerae, and V. vulnificus are the principal Vibrio species linked to seafood-borne infections. These bacteria have mainly been associated with ocean climate of temperate regions...

    Published: 2007/11/30
  • Climate / environment and Vibrio diseases

    Climate change and weather variability pose threats for water-borne diseases.The incidence of Vibrios species depends on the contents of salts and nutrients and on the water temperature...

    Published: 2007/11/30
  • Space and Vibrio Sea Project

    Satellite-based early warning systems to predict Vibrio-related diseases in the Mediterranean Area

    Published: 2007/10/25
  • What is Vibrio Sea Project

    Vibrio Sea Project is a satellite application for monitoring of environmental factors influencing vibrios concentration in seawaters.The objectives of vibrio project are to study emergence and spread of waterborne diseases in a changing climate scenario.

    Published: 2007/10/17
  • Who are the Partners ?

    Various partners, like space or health institutions, universities based in Europe or Northern Africa, work on this project.

    Published: 2007/10/25