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AMMA RVF Senegal

Rift Valley Fever (RVF) is the first historical brick of RedGems. This disease has been studied by the Emercase project since 2000. This study was continued by AMMA project. Historical and new results are presented and valued in this part of the RedGems system.
The main goal of these projects is to identify linkages between small water extent (=ponds), changing environment and dynamics of mosquitoes (=vectors) diffusing the RVF. Risks/hazards maps are produced and contribute to the implementation of the RVF Early Warning System (RVFEWS).


  • Space and RFV in Senegal

    SPOT-5 imagery allowed ponds detection in the Ferlo region of the Sahel using high-resolution ( 10 m pixels) images. Four spectral bands/channels were used, i.e. the green channel (0.50 to 0.59 μm), the red channel (0.61 to 0.68 μm), the near-infrared channel (NIR, 0.78 to 0.89 μm) and the mediuminfrared channel (MIR, 1.58 to 1.75 μm). Radiometric and geographic corrections, needed due to small changes in satellite altitude, inclination, position relative to the sun, curvature of earth, state (...)

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  • Who are the partners ?

    CNES, Toulouse,
    Medias-France, Toulouse,
    Meteo France, Toulouse
    CSE : Centre de Suivie Ecologique, Dakar
    Institut Pasteur de Dakar

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  • What is this project ?

    AMMA RVF Senegal Project is the logical/historical follow-up of the EMERCASE project.
    EMERCASE, started in July 2000, as a project from the S2E consortium and was to identify and study the key biological and environmental factors triggering outbreaks of the Rift Valley Fever (RVF).

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