• Biosphere, diseases and monitoring from space

    The environmental pollution associated with increasing population, destroys the ecological equilibrium. While the health of biosphere is reduced, diseases caused by civilisation and changes in the ecosystems thus become of primary importance.
    Each of us is deeply connected with earth’s biosphere. Ultimately. We all depend on the health of earth’s biosphere for our own health and happiness. Individuals cannot live healthy in poisoned ecosystems. By the same token, healthy communities and (...)

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  • What is Biosphere ?

    It is the totality of living beings on Earth and also those elements of the hydrosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere and lithosphere with which living organisms interact. It is the presence of a biosphere that distinguishes the Earth as a living planet from dead when compared to planets such as Mars and Venus. It also the metabolic result of the organisms that make up the biosphere that preserve the Earth as a system hospitable to life (e.g. free oxygen, equilible climate, large bodies of (...)

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