• What is Lithosphere ?

    The lithosphere is the outer solid shell of the Earth. As the cooling surface layer of the Earth’s convective system, the lithosphere thickens over time. It is fragmented into relatively strong pieces or plates, which move independently relative to one another. These lithospheric movements are described as plate tectonics. The lithosphere includes the crust and, below, the uppermost layer of the mantle ; it floats on the weaker asthenosphere. There are two types of lithosphere :
    Oceanic (...)

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  • Lithosphere, diseases and monitoring from space

    Mercury is a poisonous environmental pollutant whose greatest source is the emission from the lithosphere. Other major sources are industry and burning of wastes and fossil fuels. Mercury exists in three forms : elemental mercury, inorganic mercury compounds and organic mercury. Mercury eventually settles in waterways where it is converted to the toxic (organic) methylmercury by bacteria and algae. This is especially pronounced in areas where lakes are shallow and have large catchment (...)

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