Preliminary results and publications

The results were presented to the first Toxi Food Infection Maghrebin Congress

  • Project first phase outcome

    Vibrio Sea Project was initiated 18 months ago. During this period very important results were achieved thanks to the implication of partners into the collaborative work.
    The major part of the first project phase was performing sampling campaigns. They were done on regular basis and closely followed the initial requirements. As the result, the network of sampling sites is now fully operational. Scientists measured a range of environmental parameters as well as vibrio concentration in (...)

  • Environment-Climate-Health Programme Using satellite data for Vibrio and Environment

    Muriel Lafaye, project manager for CNES, presented results of Vibrio project at two congress : At Casablanca, 21 and 22 october 2010, in the 1st Maghreb Congress on foodborne illness,
    Attached : slide show presentation(in french) . At the Vibrio Congress
    Attached : slide show presentation