Atmospheric pollution and their impacts have not been yet investigated. However gases and aerosols pollution levels are reported to be as important as in the northern industrialized countries.
Main emissions sources of pollutants are related to trafic, domestic fires and industries. These sources are expected to increase in the next future. Very poor quality of the air is supected to pose serious public health problems.


  • Who are the partners

    POLCA is coordinated by Ababacar Ndyaye and Véronique Yoboué for the South and Cathy Liousse and Corinne Galy-Lacaux for the North.

    African and French partners involved in POLCA are :

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  • What is POLCA project ?

    The importance of urban air pollution in Africa has recently been stressed through several preliminary studies :

    - experimental tests on pollutant gas concentrations measurements in eight African capitals driven by Laboratoire d’Aérologie and various African laboratories (Yoboué et al., 2004)
    - the AMMA campaign in Cotonou (may 2005) focused on particles (Guinot et al., 2009)
    - new west african traffic emission estimates (Assamoi and Liousse, 2009)

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