The so-called PSMA (French acronym for Advanced Medical Rescue Container) is an operational tool which can be carried by standard ways such as helicopters, airplanes, trailers, and spread out in about one hour. It allows quickly giving first aid to the victims of a disaster through a telecommunication satellite link with dedicated remote stations (hospitals, teleconsulting dedicated centres, organization of further operations) and organizing their evacuation.


  • Who are the Partners ?

    The PSMA has been developed in line with specifications based upon the requirements of emergency medical practitioners from the so-called ‘SAMU, Centre Hospitalier Rosemond’ in French Guyana (SAMU is a French acronym for Emergency Medical Support Service) in cooperation with Cnes, the French Space Agency and the Thales Alenia Space company. This equipment has demonstrated its efficiency during a simulation of a crash in French Guyana upon request of the ‘SAMU’ of Guyana in cooperation with the (...)

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  • What is PSMA Project ?

    The so-called PSMA (French acronym for Advanced Medical Rescue Container) is a component of a set of tools and means for sanitary opening up, a concept that makes use of teleconsultation among others. Teleconsultation can be made in isolated or mobile areas, and offers an access to health care in remote, uneasy to access or without health centres areas. PSMA was developed as an operational tool in the specific case of rescues and urgent medical responses mandatory in case of disasters. (...)

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